Network & Server Support

SYSFLEX are part of the Microsoft Partner Programme and are expertly positioned to assist you with any server or networking requirements that you may have.

Expert Network & Server Support that you can rely on. 

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Whether you want to oursource your network and server management, or you just need a bit of assistance to run or maintain it we can assist you with our knowlegable team of specialist engineers.

We use the latest systems and technology to ensure that your systems work effectively, and we can help you find issues or bottlenecks that are slowing your workforce down.

We recommend that all potential clients take advantage of our FREE IT  systems audit in order to identify any current issues with your network and server environment.

Whether you are looking to migrate to the cloud or overhaul your old on-premise structure, we can advise the best and most cost effective steps to take, where you can upgrde and where you can potentially save money.

We can also assist with equipment spend and capital leasing in order to ensure effective cost effective operations. We can also run through figures to see if a cloud migration would suit your business.

Our state of the art pro-active monitoring software can also highlight issues you may have with server resources, network health and equipment failure, and this tool and functionality is included with any ongoing support contract from Sysflex.

Network Cabling & Infrastructure Projects

We work with specialist teams to be able to deliver key infrastructure projects for your business environment. Whether you need CAT5e/CAT6 cables ran for your office space or you need more specialist cabling such as fibre optic installation, we are able to assist you in terms of providing a reliable and friendly service.

We also have access to a variety of Fluke network testing equipment to certify any installation.

Simply get in touch with us and we can organise a free site survey to work out what you need and how we can deliver the project to your chosen timeframe.

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Server Rack Builds / Rack Tidying


Network cabling can stay in situ for a number of years, but despite this, you’ll often find equipment is added and removed all the time as well as the various cables that connect that equipment together.

This can mean that cables become a tangled mess in the front and rear of your server racks and networking cabinets.

This can cause a number of operational issues, not to mention the fact it also unsightly to look at. It can potentially be impossible to find faulty cables, trace them, and replace them where necessary.

The additional heat trapped by this mess, can also cause overheating and can even be classed as a fire risk.

Get Sysflex in to tidy up your racks before it becomes a difficult issue to deal with!

WiFi Installation, WiFi Survey & Troubleshooting

Most businesses these days rely on a stable WiFi connection, but it’s not only user laptops that connect to these services, everything from printers, meeting room collaboration equipment and mobile terminals and mobile phones.

Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you can rely on the installed WiFi network and corresponding equipment.

Your connection speed over WiFi relies on a number of factors, and any one of these being an issue could cause your connection to drop, which in turn delivers you a thoroughly miserable experience.

This can be caused by invalid configuration, conflicting access points, incorrect AP (Access Point) placement or a lack of AP’s installed in suitable locations.

We can assist you by surveying your WiFi and recommending changes to supercharge your connectivity.


Free IT Systems Audit

Are your systems running slowly? do you have slow WiFi or intermittent connectivity issues? Do you feel like there might be an issue that hasn’t been picked up by your usual IT services? Then book your free IT audit with us. We will come to you and produce a full report outlining any issues and recommendations for improvements, completely free of charge. Book an introduction appointment today…


Free No Obligation
Site Survey

If you have a project that you’d like us to look at, whether it’s cabling, infrastructure or a server/networking project, book your no obligation site survey here.


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The Sysflex Wi-Fi Router Quick Guide To Help You Get Up And Running On The Internet

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