Software Audit / Software Cleanup

Every piece of software you install can leave it’s footprint on your PC or Laptop. Whether it’s orphaned registry entries or the software itself running and using memory and processing power.

If you are a normal user, it’s easy to see under task manager and kill off those unwanted processes, and a registry cleaner may be able to help.

For business owners, if you sign up to our managed service, you have the oppurtunity to get regular reports about the software installed on each users PC. The pro-active monitoring software also ensures that the system is always fully optmised.

Check your Anti-Virus Software

Many people are completely unaware that running multiple copies of anti-virus software can really ground your PC or Laptop to a halt. In fact recently we were working on a laptop from a small business recently and they had 3x copies of various free pieces of software all battling for a slice of CPU time and memory! Keep to one software provider to keep things running smoothly.

For business owners, if you sign up to our managed service you get a full managed Anti Virus solution included, which gives you specialist software with low resource overheads and full advanced threat reporting.

Upgrade to an SSD Disc Drive

Windows 10, and in fact the up and coming Windows 11 were designed to work with high speed drives. If you often see disc usage on or near 100% on your PC or Laptop, it could be time to upgrade to an SSD disc. Sysflex can supply SSD drives and we also have the facilities to be able to clone your existing disc to a faster SSD hard disc.

Give us a call or an e-mail to see if we could upgrade your older machines before deciding on a hardware upgrade.

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