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Microsoft Office 365

Traditionally, Microsoft Office 365 was a set of desktop applications that you could install on your PC to carry out a number of tasks; finance work on spreadsheets, letters and document writing on word etc.

These days Microsoft Office 365 is available via subscription, however it comprises a huge number of tools, not just applications to edit a spreadsheet or letter.

In fact your subscription these days can include additional tools from mobile device management to telephony integration.

For smaller business and businesses that are growing, we recommend our market changing ‘Fixed Price’ IT service, however for the slightly bigger organisations you may wish to take advantage of some of the more advanced features that can be added into your subscription.


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the replacement for Skype for Business. It also includes a lot of additional features and it can be a great tool to increase the productivity of any team. Primarily it is a video conferencing application, but it can also be integrated and used for file management as well as chat and noticeboard features.

Many applications now have teams integration, and you can even buy Teams enabled telephones and Teams enabled room conferencing systems to bring this technology into your business.

Microsoft Intune / Device Management / Azure AD

Intune is a Mobile Device Management portal, which essentially allows you to enroll devices on to your company Azure AD. The idea behind this is that you can register company and personally owned devices to the portal, and then they can be fully managed by an administrator.
This is usually paired with Bitlocker, the disk encryption platform. If a device is lost or stolen, a command can be sent remotely to wipe the device via the internet. This also offers full protection as the de-activation key is stored alongside the account within the cloud platform.

Enterprise Mobility & Security

Microsoft Office 365 contains a range of security tools to protect your business. If there are suspicious logins, maybe from an unusual country or IP address, you can see this within the security portal. There is full auditing over any login attempts, and you can see exactly what each 365 account within your organisation is doing.

Microsoft Business Voice

With many technologies converging, we are starting to find business critical services require integration with others. With Teams becoming the de-facto business tool for communication and productivity, it’s only natural that Microsoft are now moving into Cloud Telephony. If you want to enable cloud telephony onto your Microsoft subscription so you can make PSTN calls through Teams, give us a call and we can help.

Thinking of Implementing Office 365 or Migrating to microsoft e-mail services?

We can get you up and running with very little downtime, and we can also offer full seamless migrations to ensure your business is not affected when you make the switch to Microsoft services.



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We are partnered with Microsoft so we can advise you on the whole range of Microsoft products and services, from E-Mail to Microsoft Teams Room Systems. Speak with us today to find out more. 

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