What is Windows 11?

Windows 11 is the latest version of Microsoft’s Operating System which was released on 5th October 2021 to much fanfare and marketing might.

Windows 11 boasts many new features for flexible working as well as having lots of extra security features.

Do I have to upgrade right now?

No, you don’t have to upgrade now but it is recommended to have all the latest features and tools such an operating system as Windows 11 provides.

Any bugs uncovered during the release of Windows 11 were addressed within the first two weeks of being available.

How do I know if my PC or Laptop is compatible?

As a general rule, your PC or laptop is likely to be compatible if it was purchased less than three years ago, if it’s older than that, the likelyhood of it being Windows 11 compatible is quite slim but if you are unsure you can always call us with your model number of desktop or laptop and we can check for you.

There is a tool which you can run which is available from Microsoft. It’s called the Microsoft Windows 11 PC Healthcheck tool which is available from here:

Explore Windows 11 OS, Computers, Apps, & More | Microsoft

Here are a couple of screenshots showing the tool in action.



You may get an error detailing the requirement for a compatible CPU or TPM chip, but if you contact us, we can tell you if the machine will be upgradeable. 

I don’t like new features and better security, can I stick with the Windows 10 installation I know and love?

As we’ve already said, upgrading to Windows 11 certainly isn’t compulsory, you certainly have time to decide if the new OS is for you, because Windows 10 will continue to be supported right up to October 14th 2025.

If you are a business though, you shouldn’t really delay, these deadlines often creep up, and you should take this into account when you do your planning for your internal IT refresh

Can ou upgrade for me or replace my hardware?

Yes we can, on both counts. We will always advise you of the most cost effective and futureproof solution for your business. We will tell you the facts, and you can decide on the next steps. 

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