Google Sites for Business: Over 100,000 Web Pages affected

More than 100,000 web pages hosted by Google Sites are being used to trick unsuspecting users into opening business documents booby trapped with a remote-access trojan (RAT) that takes over victim’s PCs remotely and hands control over to undesirables. 

eSentire said that it had noted a wave of search re-redirection issues, in which people Googling for business forms etc, are shown seemingly genuine links that offer to download material from seemingly legitimate Google styled links. 

The download initiates a Windows executable, often masquerading as a PDF file or Office document.
Google have not responded to this security concern as of today (14/04/2021)

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Microsoft Exchange: FBI deletes legacy shells from compromised exchange servers 

The FBI deleted web shells installed by criminals on hundreds of Microsoft Exchange servers accross the United State, it was revealed on Tuesday (13/04/21).

The FBI was given approval by the courts to carry out the deletions, which occured first without first warning the servers’ owners, following the discovery and exploitation of critical vulnerabilities in the enterprise software.

To read more:  FBI deletes web shells from hundreds of compromised Microsoft Exchange servers before alerting admins • The Register

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